Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several typical questions asked by models, please review our photo-shoot rules, which may cover many others questions not listed here.

How do I book you for a Photo Shoot?

Your booking request and deposit retainer officially enters your date in my shoot schedule. Final payment is due 7 days before the day of your shoot. We try to streamline our products to maximize your return on investment.

How do i prepare for a shoot?

Many things are involved in preparing for a photo shoot. Firstly download and read carefully our photo-shoot rules, application form, and model release.

What are the images being used for?

Initially they will end on a website (most likely right here). If the images become good I may offer to make canvas, acryllic, metal or other prints as artwork for sale, or at some point make an exhibition or submit to appropriate magazines, or even a book, but I make pictures because I like to and that's about it.

Who actually owns the photos?

Copyright Laws vary from country to country. In The Bahamas, The photographer owns full copyright to any image taken by the photographer, and has to release that image to the model talent. Though the model/talent's image likeness is being used in the photo, they do not own the copyright to that photo.

How many images do i receive from a session?

Depending on your particular purchase you may receive all the images from a session. Typically on a TFP or collaboration shoot 3-5 professionally retouched images. As a general rule, i will select 3 images that I like for retouching, and I usually ask the talent to select 3 images for retouching to which they are responsible for paying the retouching fee.

How long is the shoot sessions?

A photo shoot session will usually last about 2 hours, in many cases, it may extend beyond that time frame and usually depends on the different style or looks. In some cases a model may have a change of clothing, hair style or makeup and time must be allocated for these.

Do you offer Prints?

Printing options are flexible for all packages, we discuss your print needs prior to your shoot.

May I bring an escort,friend, or familly member to a shoot session?

Escorts, family, friends, significant others are not allowed on set during a shoot session, especially if we are working for a client.

Do i have to fill out the application form?

Yes. The application form serves several purposes: information on the model, next of kin contact in case of emergency, confirmation regarding age, shoot preferences or genres.

Do I have to sign a model release?

Absolutely! The only way for a model/talent to use a photograph is if the copyright owner (photographer) releases that photo for use. The model release is the agreement that governs the use of photos.

What is a model release used for?

A model release is mutual agreement document between a photographer and a model talent that defines the parameters of how images will be used or published from that photo shoot session. Technically, the release is an official notice that allows the photo copyright owner (photographer) to RELEASE use of the copyright image, and is authorization from the model talent with identifiable likeness in the photographs for their likeness to be used or published by the copyright owner for commercial use.

May I suggest a theme or concept for my shoot?

Yes, we encourage suggestions for a shoot theme or you may select from one of our creative themed concepts.

May I bring props to a shoot?

Yes, props are welcomed, depending on your set design, prior arrangements may be needed to allow for set building.

How do I get paid as a model?

Invest in tear sheets, build an outstanding portfolio, and seek photographers and clients that are willing to pay for your services.

How much is the retouching fee?

Basic retouching fees start at $10.00 per photo.

Referal Program, how does it work?

Simply, every referral that books a shoot gives you 100 points and every 100 points = $1 off your next photo shoot.