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The photographer hereby releases and grants to you (the client) a limited, non-sub-licensable license to use any and all photos on the disk for any marketing or advertisement campaign, and may be published on the client’s website or any other web-space, including social networks, controlled by the client. This license extends to publishing in any newspaper, print portfolio, booklet, invitation, greeting card, calendar, post card, flyer, or advertisement and may be distributed electronically or through photo prints.

The client agrees to acknowledge the photographer in any newspaper, calendar, booklet, post card, or print advertisement by attaching 'photo © REDARCSTUDIOS'.

The client hereby grants to the photographer absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to use any and all photos from the shoot of this agreement; of which the photographer has taken or may take of the client or the client being included with others. Photos may be used or reused for any marketing, trade, editorial, art, or advertisement purpose, and may be published in whole or in part, individually, or in connection with other material. Photos may also be published on the photographer’s website ( or any other web-space, or media now or in the future, including any online forum, online photo gallery, or social network, controlled by the photographer or where the photographer is a member; any newspaper, print portfolio, booklets, invitations, greeting cards, calendars, post cards, flyers, or advertisements and may be distributed electronically or through photo print.

The client further agrees to allow the photographer without restriction to make alterations that may include, but not limited to cropping, color enhancements or exposure enhancements or changes to any of the photographs of the shoot of this agreement as may be required for publishing.

The client releases and discharges the photographer from any and all claims and demands and agrees to hold harmless the photographer, his legal heirs, his assigns, legal representatives, licensees, or team against any and all damages or claim. Claims may include but not limited to claims of libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy, loss of work, loss of sales, loss of image, loss of revenue, loss of materials, any court or attorney fees, and any related loss that may arise; (the photographer cannot and does not warrant or guarantee) that the client will obtain increase sales, increase website or profile hits, increase clients, gainful employment, become the winner of any show or pageant by using any photograph produced by the photographer).

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